How a Geographic Information System Can Benefit Any Project

How a Geographic Information System Can Benefit Any Project

How a Geographic Information System Can Benefit Any Project

Geographic Information Systems, often shortened to ‘GIS’, are an innovative and robust database tool that allows us to store and display layered information about any surveyed area of land.

GIS allows building companies and property developers to access information about a range of key considerations related to a project site, from the geographic location and characteristics of the land, to the legal boundaries and social demographics of the surrounding areas.

This allows us to make key decisions about the use and suitability of the land in question, helping to improve building efficiency and reduce future issues. Here we look at the key capabilities of Geographic Information Systems and the benefits that this state-of-the-art technology provides.

Geographical Infomation Systems

What Key Data Can a GIS Service Provide?

Basic Mapping

This includes an essential geographical overview of an area such as streets, buildings, parks and rivers, amenities and regional boundaries.

Demographic Mapping

Data that covers a range of information collated about an area such census figures, health, wealth and access to key services including education.

Environmental Mapping

Information compiled about the nature of an area – including environmental risk, topography, pollution, air quality and the availability of natural resources.

What Are the Key Benefits GIS Services Offer?


The data provided by a Geographical Information System is fully customised, meaning it can be used to present handpicked information that is essentially important to the smooth running of a project for any specialised purpose, location or client.


GIS software helps project managers and clients to make pressing and important decisions quickly, with access to up-to-date and accurate information. This reduces lead times and the cost of delaying or re-planning works when vital reconsiderations must be made.

Problem Solving

Geographical Information Systems offer the opportunity to analyse and troubleshoot project plans before works begin. This helps to identify and solve potential issues with a building development by gathering the appropriate information and formulating suitable solutions.


A key benefit of GIS is that important survey information from many different sources can be collated and presented in one application. This means that all relevant information is stored and readily available when required without the use of traditional archiving processes such as paper map storage.


The powerful and intuitive database services offered by GIS offers a valuable working tool for building firms and developers. This can be used to collate expert analysis and data that can be used to benefit the efficiency and quality of work undertaken by a company for the foreseeable future.

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