Our Process


OutsourceCAD are technically able to undertake all kind of Engineering and CAD Projects. We follow a simple process of Attaining, Planning and Executing CAD Projects. Our dexterity in handling all projects makes us the most viable CAD solution providers.


1.1/ Initial Inquiry

1.2/ Scope of Work

1.3/ Confirmation

1.4/ Execution





1.1/ Initial Inquiry – Assessment: We assess every inquiry received from the clients. We gather all relevant information from the client which includes inputs (these can be in PDF, JPEG or TIFF format), project requirements, time line and format in which client requires the output.

In addition to this the client can also specify software in which the project is be delivered in.

1.2/ Determining Scope of Work: We are based in the UK with a large workforce including contract staff if the need arrives, with the capability of undertaking all kinds of Architectural and Engineering Services – whether large, small or medium sized.

We obtain inputs and specifications from our clients to assess the scope of work and time line for any given project. We also cite out any specific observations or additional requirements we have before execution of projects. Quotation and other specifications are send to the customer.

1.3/ Confirmation of the Project: On confirmation of the quotation via email, we will begin to work on the project.

Our client is required to provide us with relevant contact information, inputs and deadline requirements. We also communicate with the client and discuss the project overall before commencement to understand the technicalities and project requirements clearly.

We also customize our methodology to accommodate individual client and project requirements.

1.4/ Execution and Completion: Project execution is planned according to turn around time and requirement of client. We allocate Manpower Resources, Infrastructure and other resources in accordance to the size of the project and turnaround time.

We focus on constant review from clients, sending project under progress for review and feedback. We also modify and make changes according to client requirements rapidly. We strive to complete the project on time. Completed project is then send to a customer via email or ftp.